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Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Product Details, Deals & Decor Tips

Clawfoot tubs are an art deco classic and can really lend an air of vintage style to your bathroom, but if your anything like me you are going to add a shower head to your tub for the shear convenience and nothing looks worst than a clawfoot shower without any matching. The curtains are a must when one is deciding the overall look for your bathroom. If you are looking for a shower curtain that will perfectly suit in your tub, then clawfoot tub shower curtains are the best choice that you have. This one will completely wrap you around while inside the tub. In one way or another, this is perfect for individuals who prefer to enjoy a privacy on their own while tucked inside the tub and enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating moments. Indeed, what more could be more relaxing than to shop for the perfect shower curtain that will enhance not just your mood but the overall appeal of your tub.

A Variety Of Choices Available

There’s nothing to worry about not having the right clawfoot tub for your bathroom. There’s just so many of them in the market that you’ll worry about how are you going to make the right choice. Different sizes, designs, and motifs are available, and so you’ll find pretty confusing to get one. But don’t worry. Just get to know the size of your tub and your bathroom’s motif and you’ll eventually spot the perfect tub curtain to match your needs.

Enhance Your Bathroom’s Interior

Clawfoot tub shower curtains enhances your bathroom space. The typical clawfoot bathtub is a vintage style bathroom fixture that oozes dollops of old-world charm and imparts a look of tasteful antiquity to the bathroom space as a whole. Therefore, the shower curtains that are to be used to provide the shower enclosure must be so designed that they do not take away from the charm the bathtub seeks to give off into the bathroom space. The curtains should be made of fabrics that go well with the vintage design theme that is perpetuated by the bathtub. They can be made of different materials, but the most advisable ones are vinyl or plastic, as these are the substances out of which old shower curtains were fashioned and thus, will seek to maintain the effect of antiquity that these bathtubs strive to uphold.

How to Choose

Clawfoot tub shower curtains can be properly decorated with small, floral motifs or even be striped in dark shades. They can be pleated to accentuate the uniformity and appealing symmetry of design. Also, they can be mounted on rods, instead of being hooked to the shower space. These curtains should seek to imitate the classy ambiance which the bathtub effortlessly imparts to the bathroom space. This fabric white shower curtain on Amazon would also be a good choice.

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