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Green Poop In Adults

Green poop in adults can be the result of an array of things, most are definitely not a cause for concern. If you are like many others who have discovered that they have green stool, you have probably worked yourself up into a bit of a panic which is certainly not helping matters. The key is to remain calm; there is minimal chance that there is anything seriously wrong with you.

If your asking yourself why is my stool green ask yourself what did I eat?

The first thing you want to do if you discover you have green dark poop is evaluating what you have consumed in the past 24 hours and if it’s anything out of the ordinary. You may be surprised to learn that certain foods can change the color of your stool.

What does green poop mean in adults? It very well may be the result of green leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, spinach and broccoli. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have an intolerance to these healthy foods, it could simply mean that you don’t eat them often enough for your body to be used to digesting them. Iron-rich foods like beans, red meat and enriched breakfast cereal can fall into this category as well.

Other foods that can cause green dark poop include black licorice and artificial colors that are often added to soda, fruit juice, morning cereals, ice-cream and sweets. If your stool is the result of food, reading on here will help.

Have You Started Taking Supplements?

Green stool in adults can also be the result of taking certain supplements. A few of these that can cause this condition in adults include:

Vitamins – You will find that if you start taking a multivitamin, green poop is often the result. Many of these products contain artificial color, sorbitol or fructose which all speed up peristalsis. Some people think that if they take all natural whole foods vitamins that they won’t have this problem but there’s a good chance that there are leafy greens or sea vegetables packed in them that can change your stool color.

Laxatives – This is a very common cause. Laxatives essentially shorten bowel transit time which results in discolored stool. If you have taken laxatives, there’s a good chance this is your cause.

Chlorophyll – Just like with vitamins and mineral supplements, chlorophyll can also cause this health issue. Chlorophyll is what turns plants green an it’s very similar to human blood only the central molecules are magnesium, not iron. Many people have found adding chlorophyll to their diet to be very beneficial as it promotes the formation of red blood cells, treats bad breath, detoxifies and fights infection. Green stool is just a minor side effect.

Iron Supplements – This essential supplement treats anemia, improves depression, stabilizes mood, boosts stamina and stimulates the immune system. It is also a factor.

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