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Learning About Bacterial Vaginosis

Most women will experience bacterial vaginosis at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, some women will experience this condition without even knowing, because it’s possible to have BV without having any symptoms. Those who have symptoms may be easily embarrassed and afraid to ask their doctor about the condition. Below, we’ll look at some of the common causes of BV and some of the most effective treatments.

What Causes?

There are a number of things that can contribute to Bacterial Vaginosis. All women have naturally occurring bacteria in their vaginas. However, the good bacterium typically keeps the bad bacteria in check. If for some reason, the good bacteria are killed, the bad bacteria can be allowed to grow out of control. This creates problems, especially in damp, dark areas where bacteria flourish. Women who take antibiotics can often suffer from BV, because the antibiotics kill the ‘good’ bacteria. Other things that can contribute to BV include wearing silk or satin panties that trap moisture, douching too often, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Common Medical Cures

Most of the time, doctors prescribe antibiotics for women who are experiencing BV. As you might imagine, this can lead the way for even more problems, or recurring Bacterial Vaginosis. However, for some women, antibiotics get the job done and the symptoms disappear.

Other Types of Treatments

In addition to the traditional treatments, there are many things that women have found to be helpful. Yogurt with probiotics provides good bacteria that can help reduce the symptoms and cure Bacterial Vaginosis. Not only do women consume this, but some use it as a topical treatment as well to relieve itching and burning that is sometimes associated with Bacterial Vaginosis. In addition to this, avoiding sugary foods and processed foods can help reduce the fuel that these bad bacteria use to grow.

A few other things that are helpful for reducing the symptoms of BV include taking showers instead of baths, remaining abstinent until symptoms disappear, wearing cotton underwear, and drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins and bacteria. While this condition can be extremely frustrating and difficult to deal with, it’s certainly possible to cure.

Creating a BV Journal

If you’re experiencing recurring episodes of BV, a journal could help you track down the root of the problem. Write down the things you eat on a daily basis, as well as the steps you take to prevent BV. After a while, you’ll begin to notice a pattern. Perhaps your outbreaks are worse after eating certain types of foods or after you’ve taken particular types of medications. You can take this journal to your physician for further evaluation.

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