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Recover from Drug Addiction Problem with the Power of Nature

People find it very difficult to overcome addiction being in the environment that pulls them back to those habits. The pressure comes from the people or places around them. Wilderness programs have emerged to take you away from the pressures existing in your life.

Wilderness therapy

Wilderness drug rehab program allows you to leave the previous life and clear your mind. A variety of approaches are utilized to restore self-reliance, responsible behavior, trust, leadership and teamwork. Many wilderness activities like rock-climbing, hiking, rafting and horse riding are conducted. The person with gabapentin recreational use is subjected to group activities, meditation, physical fitness and nutrition sessions. The goal is to set back the life without the need for any substance abuse.

These activities are a combination of individual and group therapies, cognitive behavior therapies and detoxification programs to reinstate well being and developing a strong foundation for permanent healing. The duration of this healing treatment is for 10-20 days depending upon the program.

Clinical Competency

The wilderness drug rehab programs are led by a team of proficient therapists, psychologists and field guides. They are compassionate to your sufferings and have the experience and knowledge in creating success stories. The licensed team offers the help as per yours or your loved ones conditions and the program makes a concrete structure for lasting recovery.

Research driven

The program is led with research to develop best practices and approach to heal an individual and leave a permanent impact on him/her. The activities are backed with research and previous successful examples.

Support groups

 These institutions provide guidance to join support groups for a lasting positivity. The group sessions help to stay motivated towards the objective. Each individual gets the support from each other to continue living a healthy life.

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