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Shoulder Blade Pain Exercises

Suffering from should blade pain can impede every area of life. With shoulder blade pain, one may find it impossible to cook, care for children, sit at an office, or even stand. One of the major causes of pain is a rotator cuff problem. Experts estimate as many as 25% of people over the age of 50 suffer from rotator cuff problems. People of all ages, however, can suffer the pain for a variety of reasons. The following exercises work to eliminate pain in the shoulder area.

One way to target specific pain in the shoulder blade region is through a wall pushup. For example, wall pushups can isolate the right shoulder and eliminate all right shoulder blade pain. To perform a wall pushup to eliminate right shoulder blade pain, one should stand perpendicular to a wall. One’s feet should be about a foot apart. Then, one should simply place a hand on the wall and push one’s self away from the wall.

Another exercise that works to loosen shoulders is an arm circle. To do an arm circle, one should stand straight and outstretch one’s arms to the sides. Then, one should slowly draw a circle in the air with one arm. One should only draw circles in the air with one arm at a time. One should not try to work on both shoulders at the same time with this exercise. This can be a good exercise for eliminating left shoulder blade pain, as well as pain between shoulder blades. To get the most out of arm circles, one should draw circles in the air as slowly as possible.

A forward stretch can also work to eliminate the pain. This exercise will help to release any stress tension causing shoulder blade pain. To do this exercise, one should stand up straight. Then, one should bring his or her hands together in the front of the body. After doing this, one should slowly bend forward and touch one’s toes. In touching the toes, one will be able to fully stretch the back and relieve pain between shoulder blades.

Doing dumbbell presses is another way to ease left shoulder blade pain. Dumbbell presses can also allow one to build immense upper arm strength. When doing dumbbell presses, one should take care to lift only a minimal amount of weights. Lifting too much for one’s arm strength can actually cause a shoulder blade injury. Women should only lift ten to twenty pounds, and men should lift anywhere from forty to sixty pounds. When doing repetitions, it is important to keep a controlled motion. One should take forty seconds to complete each part within a set of repetitions. Otherwise, the stretch does nothing to benefit a person’s shoulder pain.

If one is still having difficulty eliminating pain in the shoulder region, he or she may want to see a physical therapist. A physical therapist can help pinpoint the exact trigger for a pain in the shoulder region. With the aid of a physical therapist, one may be able to completely eliminate pain between shoulder blades.

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