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Vitiligo: White spots on skin

Vitiligo cab be described broadly as acquired hypo pigmentation skin disease, in fact the more specific it is caused by insufficient supply of melanin in the cell cycle system. The body of a subcutaneous epidermal skin discoloration or de-colorization to the certain degree results in formation of vitiligo. Every cell has a normal absorption of 0.02 trillion micro pull and the melanin required to supply the normal skin color, once a local cell metabolism in the body is relatively weak or does not absorb melanin or nerve cell network in the process of absorption of melanin is blocked, the top surface of the skin color will be lighter so the end result is vitiligo.

Herbal Vitiligo Treatment…

Two-way herbal VitiligoRemedy™ has been designed to specifically treat the areas affected by Vitiligo, helps you regain your confidence and self-image. VitiligoRemedy™ is totally a safe and non-allergenic vitiligo treatment and proved to be the most promising remedy to cure vitiligo. This herbal vitiligo treatment consists of applying the local ointment and the use of premium oral tablets. The main goal of this vitiligo treatment is to restore the skin color for good, controls the spread of vitiligo fast. Thus the combined vitiligo therapy (VitiligoRemedy™) has appeared to give quick skin re-pigmentation with unsurpassed results.

A reliable herbal vitiligo remedy for (white patches) leucoderma

Vitiligo Remedy Ingredients

Appropriate Natural Antibiotics.

Tabs Active Ingredients

Safof, Psoralea corylifolia, Hemidesmus, Indicus.


Babchi oil (controls vitiligo spread by restoring your own melanocyte) Motia Rosha, Paniculata.

First ever dual vitiligo treatment for quick results. Repigmentation begins within one month of regular use. Vitiligo patients stats with 92% success rate.

Types of Vitiligo

Generalized pattern vitiligo Most common type, appearing in various places over the body.
Unusual Type
(1) localized: restricted to certain parts of the single or cluster size, ranging from white spots.
(2) sporadic: scattered multiple white spots on skin, large and small, can occur over the body, any part, but more symmetrical distribution, the total area of not more than 50 of the body surface area.
(3) Pan-hair: white spot more than 50 of the total body surface area, and even spread to the body, with only a few or no normal pigmented skin is generally believed that autoimmune abnormalities, more than the previous two types evolved.
(4) acral type: hair white spot early is mainly distributed in the hand, foot and fingers and toes end and the head and face and other exposed parts, a small number may be associated with the body generalized leukoplakia. .
Segmental vitiligo
White spot for one or several pieces, along a cutaneous nerve segment dominated areas of the skin to the distribution of the distribution, usually unilateral and more common in children.

Skin is the largest and most visible organ of the human body. Basically vitiligo does not kill the body, but it kills the spirit. Depigmentation or vitiligo can erode your confidence.

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